Freelance copywriter and content writer.

I write strategic copy and content for brands and products.

Who are you? A small business owner? A marketing lead? A content manager? 

Whoever you are, you’re probably looking for a writer to help you craft compelling content. I do that, as you probably figured out from the bold type above.

I’m also a strategic storyteller who understands how to turn an idea into content that creates a better UX.

Strategic storytelling uses design thinking to create copy and content that is easy for users to understand and navigate.

The best bit? When we work together, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your brand (and the clients that trust you).

Photo of Carlene Kurdziel against brick wall - Freelance writer for SaaS and tech brands

Hello! I’m Carlene, a Montreal-based creative copywriter and content writer.

What I do: I use design thinking to write copy and content for creative brands and entrepreneurs.

What about you? If you’re thinking, “Yeah, I am looking for a strategic storyteller like Carlene,” grab your favourite hot beverage and take a gander at my services, learn more about me, or if you’re feeling eager, get in touch anytime. I’ll do my absolute best to get back to you within 24 hours.

The type of words I write:

I’ve written websites and microcopy for global tech brands, created website and brand copy for a high-end financial firm, crafted monthly SEO-friendly blogs for digital marketing agencies, and delivered complete content solutions for emerging businesses.

It was a pleasure to work with Carlene this past year. She was able to hit the ground running and captured our intended voice and brand very quickly. She had great communication and was able to manage our expectations, and most importantly, was reliable. We would be excited to work with her again.

Bryan Blend, Portable North Pole

Let’s create compelling content.