The copywriter behind the words.

Headshot of Carlene - Freelance writer for SaaS and tech brands

Hello! I’m Carlene, a copywriter and content writer for brands and products.

I spend my days using design thinking to write SEO website copy and educational content your audience will read again and again.

I also create human-centered content strategies to make your information as accessible as possible.

I’ve been writing online for five years, specializing in copywriting (words that sell) and content writing (words that educate). Using both of these skills, I develop compelling content strategies to create a long-term plan that builds on smart marketing.

I’ve worked with digital marketers, design agencies, and growing businesses. But before I was a writer, I was a listener. As a childcare worker, I learned the power of clear communication. As a health care aide, I began to understand the importance of accessibility. 

Whatever type of project you have in mind, clear and accessible writing reigns supreme and solves problems. I start all services with a client questionnaire to ensure deliverables will help attract your target audience.

Take a peek at my portfolio to see some past work.

I’m a Montreal copywriter (yes, I love winter) and spend my days here writing, walking, cycling, and discovering/cooking as much delicious food as I can.

Marketing managers: I’ll fit right in.

Looking for a freelance writer who feels like they’ve been a part of your team all along?

I’m a thoughtful professional who’s enthusiastic about elevating user experiences, getting deep into research, and most importantly, delivering highly-tailored content.

Am I the writer for you?

I’ve worked with brands and businesses of all sizes. I might be the right fit for your brand if:

  • You need a writer who understands how to write to delicate concepts.
  • You want a long-term partner who knows how to organize and support your ongoing copy and content strategy needs.
  • You’re seeking user-friendly language that is clear, clever, and to-the-point.
  • You love the audience you serve and want to use strategic storytelling to show them how your brand or product can simplify their work.

Ready for copy and content that performs?

Deliverables are uniquely tailored to your brand and the customers you serve, making it easier for them to find, trust, and do business with you.