I believe that storytelling can help connect ideas, solutions, and real-world experiences.

For over half a decade, I have written websites and reports, scripted videos, and proofread papers for a range of professionals and industries. 

Today, my focus is on helping educators and urbanists share their stories and work clearly (and error-free!). From ideation to polishing the final draft, I’m here to help you create and publish work you love.

A woman named Carlene facing the camera and smiling.

Operating my business remotely from my cozy little home office in Montreal, QC lets me focus on client work with a hot beverage always within reach.

When I’m not writing or proofreading, I’m probably:

  • Studying! I’m a current undergrad at Concordia University pursuing a Specialization in Urban Planning and a Minor in English.
  • Walking my sweet senior dog, Tess, in Parc La Fontaine.
  • Cooking at home, or eating my way through Montreal—ideally on a bike.
  • Seeking out the perfect pub (criteria include dark wood, good beer, and the perfect reading nook).