Why Does Copywriting Matter?

Copywriting is an essential dimension of online marketing and presence, yet, is often overlooked. By strategically crafting words which drive a person to take a specific action, engaging copy can be the difference between a successful online digital marketing strategy and a flop.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, effective content will drive action on your web pages, blog posts, or newsletters. On top of generating increased engagement with your target audience, stellar copywriting will:

Make a Great First Impression

In the digital age which we find ourselves in, your web presence is quite often the first impression a person has of your business. If your copy does not keep their attention for 10-20 seconds, this visit might be their last.


Your content must stay true to what the person is searching for. To keep the attention of these potential leads, content should communicate your value at the top of a web page and expand on your main point as the copy flows. The internet is here to make information accessible; ensure that your information is accessible, too.

Complement Your Branding

Your brand is an authentic representation of the values and mission of your business, and how “you” speak online says a lot about your brand. Engaging copy allows readers to not only read your content, but develop a relationship with your brand.

Try this: Write down your mission statement, or a one-sentence explanation of your business, and read it aloud. How does it sound when you read it aloud as compared as to how you imagine it sounding in the minds of your readers? Is it fun, casual, serious, or credible? A copywriter will help you harness the tone that fits your business best, and transform your mission statement or existing copy into the authentic on-brand voice you want to share with the world.

Let a copywriter harness relationship-building emotions, carry them throughout your entire website, reflect on them in every blog post, and weave the essence of your brand into each social media caption created.

Create Actionable Content

The user experience of your business’s web pages is critical for a successful foray into the online world. Does the current content on your website allow you to be easily accessible to potential clientele, or is it a challenge to sort through excess information that leads them nowhere? The information contained in the writing on a site point readers to what your business can do, how your business can do what a customer wants, and finally, to find exactly what they need.

A stellar copywriter develops content that is easy to follow and eye-catching, creating a certain response from your readers. Whether your call-to-action surrounds buying your product, sharing your information, or generating email newsletter subscriptions, great copy is actionable.

Eliciting a response from viewers is the point of many web pages and pieces of content, without coming across as to sales-driven or cheesy. Copywriters work with brands to develop actionable content that engages with the emotions of potential clients.

Hiring a copywriter for your web page content, blog posts, or social media assistance can help you generate meaningful relationships with both new and existing clientele. Are you looking for a copywriter to deliver the magical content you’ve been seeking? Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together to create genuine content that reflects your values and authentically connect with readers.